Tactical Medical Services for Law Enforcement
Tactical Medics International Services TEMS
Tactical Medics International provides medics and physicians who are specially trained and qualified to assist law enforcement officers in tactical and operational missions.
TMI is prepared to provide your agency with on-site operational medical
support during special or high risk operations. Each operational
medical team is hand picked to meet your operational and medical
mission requirements.
Services We Provide
  • Tactical medics who are sworn officers depending on the needs of the law enforcement agency.
  • Annual physical examination screenings for all team members.
  • Injury tracking and reporting.
  • Tactical medical records, including capability for dental images, DNA storage, and photos.
  • 24 hour availability of physicians and /or tactical medics for call-outs, high risk warrants, training sessions, dignitary protection, and other operations.
  • Liaison between law enforcement agencies and hospitals including emergency department, trauma Center, med-evac flight services, poison information center, toxicology, expedited access to medical and surgical clinics.
  • Liaison between local fire & rescue departments.
  • Courses and training for LEO on Basic Trauma Life Support, and Tactical Emergency Medicine.
  • Additional consultants and resources are available and are provided as deemed necessary.

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